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Working with Louisa has been amazing. She has been incredibly supportive, not only in helping me work through difficult problems and situations but also in giving me useful resources and tangible techniques to implement.
She has been very flexible in her approach and worked with me to adjust to my needs, going above and beyond. I value her sessions greatly and they have helped me so much. She's a great active listener and supports me in exploring decisions and ways to move forward. I feel very safe in delving into difficult conversations with her.

(Name Confidential)Former Client

This has been a life changing & uplifting process for me. I have struggled with many issues for years & finally found someone who has helped me realise my better self. I recommend this service wholeheartedly.

(Name Confidential)Former Client

In the midst of deep depression brought on by a traumatic event, a friend had arranged for me to have counselling as the waiting list on NHS was far too long and I seemed to be sinking deeper into depression. My first meeting with Louisa I was cautious, by the end of the session I felt a bit more at ease, by my third session I knew I was definitely with the right therapist.
Louisa was kind and compassionate, she allowed me to go at my own pace. Each session was a step forward, by the end of my sessions with Louisa I had been equipped with what I needed to carry on with my journey. She had introduced me to some very helpful coping mechanisms and suggested some follow up practices. I have recommended Louisa to other people I had met at a support group. I am ever grateful for my progress.

(Name Confidential)Former Client

Louisa is an incredibly patient and thoughtful person.
In my time working with her as a colleague she has shown herself to be a very skilled and empathetic listener.
Her passion for what she does shows through not only in her work but in her daily interactions, she always has time to spare for others and has offered her support to so many and in so many ways it is hard to convey it all here.
On top of many other fine qualities, she is a genuinely kind, caring and likeable person who has achieved a great deal.

Sharon ClintManager, Groundswell

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